“The measure of a man is what he does with power” said Plato in 340 BC., but, is one a real proverbial man if he even seeks power. This profound argument is dredged out from the deepest corners of the abbeys of human psyche. To be in a position of power has historic trekking along a blood trail and many road kills to the top. In modern times such crimes are committed in more subtle but with far more outreaching consequences as the tools are more sophisticated and brutal in nature and power, and apart from physical and social injuries, white colour crime has factored in to the advantage of a few and detriment of most by wielding their capital power gained through inherent corruption and cronyism within a planned and set up loose and lopsided regulatory financial system.

Those who seek power are devoid of same, and those who seek to empower even fragmentally, are the true powerful.